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Summer is upon us and it’s a HOT and sticky one! Not sure if I’m living in Delaware or Florida. For many of us, our basements are a cooling escape from the heat. The space we designated as the sunroom is just off of our family room and holds some of the coolness of the basement. The sunroom began as a musty, moldy, dull, brown game room. If you call having a shuffleboard table taking up most of its’ length a game room, ok. When I first saw this space off of the basement family room, I was a bit stumped on what to do here. It is super long and narrow, then curves around to a side exit.

After a lot of thought, Yuri and I decided to create three rooms out of the long and narrow 57’x8′ space: Yuri’s studio office, the sunroom sitting area and my office.

Before the sunroom was the sunroom (and offices), we lovingly called it the water-room. There were unsealed areas on the deck that brought rain water into the sunroom. When grey skies appeared, the buckets came out. I could literally feel my blood pressure explode everytime it rained. Needless to say I was elated when it was time for the sunroom renovation. It had been used as a workshop/storage area until the family room was completed, so it was a mess!

My future office

There were a few structural repairs we had to do as the deck sits above the sunroom. Some of the beams were rotted and we added more support for the deck above. Yuri and his buddy removed the deck flooring above to replace all the rotten beams. They did a great job as I sat back and watched. Framing is not my thang!

Head poking through the deck
Below is Yuri’s future office
New framing and sealing up with plywood

On to the next project! There was a large window in the sunroom positioned directly in front of the double french doors to the family room. From the sunroom, there was no front access to the canal, only a double door from Yuri’s future studio office. So we decided to turn the large window into an exterior double door. After demoing the framing and brick, opening up that space made all the difference. Easy access to the canal and what a view!!

Demo of large window for sliding door

We believe the sunroom was once a long exterior porch because the floor had a very deep pitch for water run-off. About 2 inches! Leveling out the floor was one expensive project. I had no idea self-leveler cost so dang much!! I thought it would run us about $6 bag like concrete. Wrong! You’re talking $30 for a 50lb. bag! But As luck would have it, I scored on 16 bags of self leveler at the Restore Habit for Humanity store for $100. We still needed 10 more bags to complete the project and what a messy project it was! We demoed the existing tile, leveled the floor with that liquid self-leveling gold, then installed 18×18 tiles only in the sunroom area. We went with the same tile in the mudroom since we already had a full pack left. The offices were getting adorned with vinyl plank flooring.

We then insulated the bays in the ceiling and walls to get ready for one of my favorites. Drywall!

Tile demo
My office getting some liquid leveling gold
Laying some tile

Drywall was a large job. We rented a drywall lift because we tried to do it by lifting with our hands and my head. Well, that didn’t turn out so well. We almost killed each other that day. Yuri yelling at me to lift higher, I’m yelling at Yuri to hurry up and put in the screws. Bless that drywall lift! Saved our marriage that day. His friend, the drywall finishing master, John got it all ready for priming and painting.

Yuri built the walls for our offices with matching pocket doors. I found nice french doors on Marketplace for $10 each! They were grimy but a good vinegar wipe down and sanding took out the musty smell and got them nice and clean for painting.

I decided to whitewash the brick because I love whitewashed brick and also wanted the space to be as bright as possible. Sunroom right?! The whitewash is in my office and the sunroom area. We decided to clean and leave the brick natural in his office. The sunroom and offices are painted 50 shades of grey..hehe. No, just 2. My office and the sunroom are lighter grey and Yuri’s office is a darker grey.

I’m going to break down the before’s and after’s into the 3 spaces we created. Lets begin with my office. A smaller 8’x9′ space but perfect for my needs.

BEFORE (My Office):


Pause! I have a little story about this diy shelf. Yuri loves to collect treasures he finds on job sites. This was a burgundy door he picked up from a project years ago. Way before we purchased this house. It’s moved from storage unit to storage unit. From PA to DE. After we purchased the house I thought about using it as a desk top for my office. Well, that didn’t work out because it measured too large for the small space. Then I remembered, in my Pinterest searches, I saw a door that had been turned into a bookshelf. So…that’s what I did! It turned out great! One coat of primer and two coats of caulk paint. The beauty came after the sanding as it wasn’t beautiful already with its wood carved details. Yuri added some shelves from some left over scrap wood and Voila!!

Flea market beautiful find.

Believe me, my office isn’t always this clean as my little one uses it for school and online playtime with her friends. This 8’x9′ space made an ideal room for my office. I adorned it with feminine elements and I’m just a sucker for ethnic art. Now lets move to the room next door. The sunroom.

BEFORE (Sunroom):


Large window turned door to outside.
The blue fish shines bright in the light.
Leather chair that looks like wicker. Pretty neat!
Please do!
One of my Mom’s mermaid masterpieces.

Reeeeelax! Aim accomplished. This room is one of Yuri’s napping spots. Emphasis on ONE. The best part of this room is the transition of the window to a door. It brings in so much light and brightness and being able to walk out to the canal is great. It works very well when it’s doggie potty time.

And now to the final room from the one large sunroom. Yuri’s studio office. Disclaimer: This is the ONLY room I had little say in. As you will see, my hubby loves music (moonlights as a DJ) and stuff. On many occasions I’ve tried to do my obsessive organizing in there but ended up getting kicked out. So be it!

BEFORE (Yuri’s Studio Office):




It’s a fun space! Goes with his personality.

In the future, we are planning to build a small paver patio outside of the sliding door for yet another space to sit and relax.

Stay tuned for another renovated fun space in the basement!

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  1. Zuwena & Yuri you guys turned that ENTIRE house into your masterpiece and I applaud your labor of love!!! Anything worth having is never easy lol…..
    P.S. Love the Blog Pic lol….

  2. Larry and I were just talking about what an amazing and creative woman you are, Zuwena. How you don’t succumb to gender assignments or stereotypes. Love how you and Yuri share in the “get-down”. Well done, dear Niece.

    1. Thank you Uncle! I was just thinking there should be classes for girls to learn the basics of home repair.

  3. This is soooo dope! It is bright and cheery and even on a rainy day…I am sure is even more beautiful.
    I can’t wait to come and take my nap! Love you guys💙💙

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