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Master Bath Makeover Part 1

Spring has sprung and there’s outdoor work to be done! Mowing, weeding, grass seeding, spraying, planting, sounds like fun. Eh. Since we’ve had a mild winter, the grass cutting has started early this year. We had to suck it up and purchase a new tractor because our 42″ said, “Enough’s Enough!” and gave out on us. So we sold her for parts and got a well needed 48″. Hopefully this’ll cut down my mowing time.

Although outside work is commencing, we’re still moving and shaking on the inside. At this moment Yuri and I are renovating the guestroom bathroom. It’s down to the bones and ready to be beautified! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re dealing with:

Shower pan work

Hopefully it’ll be ready to go by mid May cause my honey-do list is piling up! While we’re on the subject of bathrooms, I wanted to give ya a look at our Master bathroom. I was a little hesitant on blogging this space yet because even though it looks complete, there are a few projects that still need to be done and a few mistakes from our conwhacker that must be repaired.

Let’s start from the beginning and take a look at the beauty we were dealing with.

Cover my eyes!!! Yes, that’s a master bathroom. And on the other side of that weird wall that divides the space is the sink and closet.

All that eye full mixed in with the hard water stains makes this bathroom a bitter pill. The attic access is located in the bathroom and believe me I tried to relocate it to a hall area but it was a no go. The access has to be a large enough opening because our HVAC is located in the attic. Here’s a view from above:

I will admit, the only thing I kind of like in the room is the tile floor. I’m a sucker for blues and decorative tile. Unfortunately it was not salvageable. The renovation of the master bath was part of the 301k, so Yuri and I were not permitted to do the work. So we all know how well that turned out. Oh the stories I could tell but onward and upward! I knew exactly how to transform this space into a cohesive beauty. Thanks to HomeStyler I was able to get an idea of the vision. It was going to be a gut job!

The Gut Job
The Vision

Obviously we had to reroute all the plumbing so that took a big chunk from our budget. Taking out the dividing wall and the closet was necessary to maximize the square footage. Complete with a soaking tub for those wined out bubble bath, a decent sized shower, toilet and double sink. Now, did we get all the things we envisioned? Yes, no and kind of. This is why this blog is called Master Bathroom Renovation Part 1. The part 2 will be updated and repaired by us. When looking at the after, it looks pretty great! But if you ever watched HGTV or DIY then you know looks can be deceiving. So here we go:



Well, that’s a far cry from where we started! I love bright spaces and boy does this bathroom get flooded with light. It’s so much more pleasing to the eye and light and airy. We had to install a barn door because we changed the location of the bathroom door to be able to get a shower in the corner. So the entrance is down a hall which didn’t provide enough space for a swing door. I love barn doors so that was fine by me! This should be the end of the story but there are a few quirks that have to be addressed.

The Shower. I keep telling Yuri we have to redo the shower next year. He looks at me in disgust. Why? Because it wasn’t properly waterproofed. We always use a waterproofing paint like RedGuard over our backerboard. That didn’t happen here and I already see black mold developing in the corners. I know surface mold happens in wet areas but I’m afraid it’s more than surfaced. The shower niche, 3×6 glass tiles were installed a bit crooked. Two of the large porcelain shower tiles at the top do not match with the others. I don’t know if that was a manufacturing error but the installer should’ve noticed that. My initial desire was to have a tiled shower floor not a shower pan but I was talked out of it. It’s probably best we didn’t get him to install a poured shower pan. This shower pan is HORRIBLE to clean and already has dings in it. Also if you notice, no glass. With the shower being the way it is, I’d prefer to install glass when it’s done properly. For now we have the shower flow set to medium low so water doesn’t splash everywhere.

The Vanity. I wanted to get creative and save a little loot so I decided to turn a dresser into our double sink. I researched how to paint and waterproof it and what height, length and depth it should be. I found a great dresser for $90 on Craigslist and went to work.

I purchased sinks and faucets for it and left it to the contractor to install. Well, can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

Nothing is lined up correctly. The sinks are not inline with the mirrors. I could move the mirrors, then they wouldn’t be inline with the lights. Also, the sinks were not siliconed all around. So, we’ll be fixing the symmetry and I’ll be completing the vanity as the top two drawers are false for plumbing. I’m also contemplating repainting it a color. I’ve been seeing a lot of colored vanities that are so nice.

The Tub. Everything is pretty much ok except the faucet install. It’s not tight and wobbles. Not sure why they left it like that. Maybe because it was difficult to get to the faucet as they installed the tub first.

The Attic. Nope. They never finished the attic door. So I try not to look up.


Also, we need to install crown molding, a splash guard for the sink, real blinds and I was thinking of an accent wallpaper or tile wall. We shall see but there is plenty to still be done in this master bath before she reaches her full potential!

Stay tuned for Part 2, The Reveal!

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  1. I know what you mean with the little things that need to be corrected, but it is a beautiful bathroom, I am so proud of you and Yuri!

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