Family Room Renovation

Happy April! Spring is here and I am sooo ready for the warm-up! One good thing about the cold season is, it lets us dedicate our time to indoor projects without being interrupted with grass cutting and yard work. Another one of our projects that we completed (95%) of is the family room, basement area. […]

The Beginnings

Hello All! Throughout my blog and Facebook comments, many of my friends and family mentioned how I inherited my love for all things home and renovating from my parents. True indeed! So I thought I’d take my Casapalooza family back to the beginnings for a spell. In 1978, at the age of 27 and 28, […]


Hiya! My name is Candice Millones and like most people I carry a lot of titles. Mom of two, wife of one, artist, cook, teacher, financial manager, sanitation engineer, boo boo kisser, you name it. One of my many titles I carry that I really love is home renovator. The act of turning something dusty, […]