Wood Work

Happy New Year to you all! Hope you’re staying warm in this fridgid weather here on the Eastern seaboard. I miss you Summer! Come back!!! Yuri and I have been working to finish our kitchen through the holidays. I’d say it’s 95% finished. Just a couple more touches and I’ll show you the completed project! […]

Moved in and workin’ hard!

So we’re finally living comfortably in our fixer upper! We’re pretty relieved and happy, but there’s still a slew of projects to be completed. We’ve given ourselves a punch list of renovations to do and we’re gettin’ r done! It gets a little hectic sometimes with juggling the kids, cooking in our almost finished kitchen, […]

Girls Bathroom Remodel

Hi ya’ll! It’s been a CRAZY life, but gooood! Moving in, boxes everywhere, construction still going on, it’s an adventure! One of the many good accomplishments that keeps me going is the completion of our girls bathroom remodel. I LOVE this room! It turned out exactly how I envisioned it. When we first saw our […]

No Pepto Here! Zolies Bedroom Renovation

I gave you a view into my teens nature room, now we’ll take a look at what we did for our youngest Zolies room. I think her room had the least to do cosmetically. The walls were in so so shape ( a lot of dents which meant a lot of mudding) and there were […]

A Teenage Room Renovation

Hey! I’ve returned from my adventure with switching web host. Lesson learned!! Back up my stuff!! Unfortunately, I lost my last post, but it’s ok, I’ll do a little refresher. Last time on Casapalooza, we were going through our deck renovation. The guys demoed all the railings, old decking boards and any bad plywood on […]

Let There Be Water!!!

FIIIINALLY!!! We struck water! The happiness is overflowing because we didn’t know what hell we were going to do! Let me proudly say, ¬†Allied Well Drilling of PA, MD and DE did an awesome job getting it right! They were quick and neat (as neat as well drilling could go). Our contact person, Andy, kept […]

Water Woes

Hey folks! I can explain! I’ve been absent for a little over a month due to a stall in the process. The last time I left, a well company was drilling a new well..down to 320ft. Well here’s the backstory of the well issues on our property. When we purchased the house, we had water. […]

Moving Along…

Dropping in for a few updates on the Triangle House. Although I keep telling myself, “It’s about the journey…It’s about the journey!!” I sure can’t wait until that final destination where we’re actually living in our home. But, every little improvement (done correctly) makes me happy and motivates me to get down with the DIY! […]

Wall Work

Happy belated V-day all you sweethearts out there! This past weekend Yuri and I got to do some wallpapering! Unfortunately not in our house…yet. Slow poke is still working. Rather, we did a wallpaper job for friends of Yuri and got PAID for it! My favorite kind of work. They have a very nice casa […]

Pre-teen Dresser Makeover

Over the Spring/Summer, even before we had the keys to the Triangle House in our hands, I was planning! Planning what our house would look like, planning the room layouts and what neat diy’s were going to be attempted. Along with the planning, I was also buying. Ok, so I know it’s probably not the […]