Moved in and workin’ hard!

So we’re finally living comfortably in our fixer upper! We’re pretty relieved and happy, but there’s still a slew of projects to be completed. We’ve given ourselves a punch list of renovations to do and we’re gettin’ r done! It gets a little hectic sometimes with juggling the kids, cooking in our almost finished kitchen, […]

Girls Bathroom Remodel

Hi ya’ll! It’s been a CRAZY life, but gooood! Moving in, boxes everywhere, construction still going on, it’s an adventure! One of the many good accomplishments that keeps me going is the completion of our girls bathroom remodel. I LOVE this room! It turned out exactly how I envisioned it. When we first saw our […]

No Pepto Here! Zolies Bedroom Renovation

I gave you a view into my teens nature room, now we’ll take a look at what we did for our youngest Zolies room. I think her room had the least to do cosmetically. The walls were in so so shape ( a lot of dents which meant a lot of mudding) and there were […]

A Teenage Room Renovation

Hey! I’ve returned from my adventure with switching web host. Lesson learned!! Back up my stuff!! Unfortunately, I lost my last post, but it’s ok, I’ll do a little refresher. Last time on Casapalooza, we were going through our deck renovation. The guys demoed all the railings, old decking boards and any bad plywood on […]

Walls Up

Hey folks! Back again with a few updates. Yet again, just letting some time go by so I can have a little peace of mind. Today the sun is shining and the weather is unseasonably warm at a balmy 53 degrees so LET’S BLOG! Speaking of temperature, we finally got our electric heaters installed in […]

shiplap Shiplap SHIPLAP

If you are a fan of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, you know all about shiplap…Shiplap…SHIPLAP! Joanna Gaines is the other half of the famous home renovating duo who introduced me and thousands of others to the farmhouse horizontal wall decor.   A brief history. Shiplap is a type of rabbeted (similar to tongue and […]

Subway Tile

Who would’ve thought that sterile, cold, bricked shaped 3″x6″ tile, sometimes hammered with crazy graffiti, would look AMAZING in your home. Subway tile has been around since the early 1900’s and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Definitely a classic choice in tile for your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else your little heart desires.   […]