My name is Candice Walker-Millones a.k.a Zuwena and like most people I carry a lot of titles. Mom of two, wife of one, artist, cook, teacher, financial manager, sanitation engineer, boo boo kisser, you name it! One of the many titles I carry that I really love is home renovator. The act of turning something dusty, broken and ugly into something aesthetically beautiful is so rewarding! I believe my passion began at a young age watching my parents flip houses and helping out on occasion. Welp, lucky me! I married me a handyman (and recreational DJ). Together we purchased two properties and renovated them with our 4 hands and now renting…cha-ching!

I created this blog to share our freshly purchased fixer upper whole house renovation from start to finish. A real mess with a fantastic view! The entire process in getting the keys was a real head banger (short sale 203k), but we are here and happy to get down and dirty. I’ll also be sharing some DIYs, my art, favorite before and after renos and everyday tid-bits that I hope you’ll enjoy. So stick around a while at Casapalooza!