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Heart of the Home: Kitchen Renovation

Hello all! Summer is in full global warming effect and it’s HOT!!! Yard work is not too much fun in the sun these days. So today I’m going to rewind back to the colder winter season of 2018 when we put our foot in the kitchen remodel.

I refrained from writing a blog on the kitchen because of one area that was not yet compete. Well, its still not complete just a little nicer to look at. The kitchen is really the heart of a home. It’s where everyone just hangs out, raids the fridge, does homework, makes phone calls, and a host of other things. I always liked white kitchens, but didn’t want it to look sterile and cold. Comfortable and warm with white is the go for look. My Pinterest pins and Houzz gallery for kitchens were the truth! I love kitchens! Here are a few of my inspirations:

My favorites are Aqua Splash and Best Butcherblock. Those were two must haves in our kitchen! A blue backsplash and butcher block countertop. I believe they bring a bit of warmth to a kitchen. Something about the wood.

So this is what we began with and it was so nonsensical. All of the appliances were laid out against one wall. The sink area and the dishwasher are almost blacked out in a narrow dark hall.

The darkest area of the kitchen is where you had to do the dishes (see that dark corner). While the lovely and bright canal view was at your back. Terrible layout to say the least.

No, that’s not a room your looking at in the middle there. That’s a mirror! Sure, there is plenty of storage cabinets but it just looked like some mixed matched cabinets on top of each other and throw in a mirror in the middle for bling appeal. The salmoned colored area to the left is a very small slanting pantry that will be opened up to brighten the walkway from the mudroom.

The beginning phases of this renovation were done by our Conwhacker. Needless to say we had to fix a couple things from his “handywork”. Instead of replacing all of the old drywall, he just poorly skim coated over the old pieces and added in new pieces where holes were made and where old tile was removed. A money saving technique that I probably wouldn’t have noticed if the skimcoating wasn’t so bad.

After the walls went up, hardwood flooring was installed and then our white IKEA cabinets were put in. I was so thrilled to see how well the envisioned layout turned out! Not tight at all!

After he was terminated, a custom made vent hood was crafted for the slanting wall.

We installed the tile, shiplap, a custom made butcher block island counter and pipe shelving. The kitchen pretty much got painted over again because of the imperfections our Conwhacker left behind. Now, we are so happy with the finished product!







BEFORE (Construction Phase)

It’s so refreshing when something turns out the way you planned it. I saw this kitchen months before any demo was done. Of course there are hiccups and small changes along the way but the overall is a vision that came to life.

And a little more to flip through…

Coffee break!
Herb wall turned spider plant wall
Who doesn’t love a diving pig?

Now, I actually enjoy doing dishes with that view…sometimes. The kitchen flows so much better than the way it started. I had a little worry that the island would make the space feel too small, but its just right. The very simple open shelving on the sides of the hood and in the small hall make everyday dishes and items easier to grab. The wood for the shelving is just 2×10’s we purchased from Lowes. I beat them up to look aged and stained them the color of the original kitchen trim.

The closed closet has been turned into a planter space. It was originally supposed to be an herb wall, but my herbs died from not having enough direct sunlight. At some point, Yuri will build a couple shelves behind the plants for extra storage.

Although we went with the white cabinets and shiplap, the wavy blue ocean tile, warm wood butcher block and the bohemian-like pink rug gave the kitchen a splashes of color it needed. Time to do the dishes!!

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