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Be Our Guest

Hello there! Just a little update on what’s been shakin’ at the Triangle House. I would REALLY love to tell you all the things happening but since we’re currently litigating I’ve gotta be wise about what goes in the blog. After the storm I’ll fill you in on the happenings! Let’s just say we are rushing to get some projects done before the weather catches up with us. We’ve moved down into the basement tackling the family room, bar and guest room.

Speaking of the guest room….it’s done, done, done!!!  My plan was simply just to create a calming retreat using soft sea colors and natural looking floors. I was very inspired by this room. Thank you Pinterest!

I love the light mossy wall color paired with white crisp bedding…so pretty! When I was a kid, I had this dream of owning a motel. Yeaha, I was pretty strange as a kid. Everytime my family would take a long car ride, I’d look out the window and size up all the motels we rode past. I would determine if they were dirty or clean, fit to stay or stay the hell away from. I’d imagine owning one just for the pleasure of decorating the guest rooms so nice and pretty that everyone around would want to stay in my motel. Why a motel? A hotel had too many rooms, I couldn’t singlehandedly fix all those rooms. Well, I didn’t get a motel but one guest room to beautify!

This nicely sized room is located in the basement off the family room. It had another smaller room next to it with plumbing. The previous owners used it as a laundry room. We decided to turn these two spaces into a guest room suite. Although it is a basement space, the window supplies ample sunlight and a lovely view so it doesn’t have a basement feel. We began with totally gutting the future guest room and bath but transforming the guest room first. Its’ moldy bright orange walls, black painted vinyl tile floor, tiled ceiling and moldy doors had to go!

Orange is the new ugly
New drywall!

After tearing everything out, we put up all new drywall, primed and painted. I chose the paint color SW Mint, a very light pastel green. Have you ever picked a color swatch and was so confident it was theee color? Then you open up the can and freak out a little, compose yourself then brush a little on the wall only to get color remorse. That was me!! It kinda reminded me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Nevertheless, I get my nerve back up and decide to finish with this color I chose. The result was actually very pretty! Whew! On to the next step, flooring.

We chose vinyl plank with a natural rustic wood print. Great for basements and our budget. This was my first time laying a glue down floor. It was fairy easy but awfully sticky! Yuri finished off the room with 1’x4′ baseboard and window trim. He was very proud of his accomplishments I guess.

For furnishing, I used my old bedroom suite (bed, dresser and nightstand). It’s made of real quality solid knotty pine. I decided to white wash it to ease up on the rustic but really I just like whitewashing stuff. It’s very simple to do, half water and half paint. Brush it on, wait five minutes and wipe off. Time consuming but rewarding. The set came with only had one night table, I could’ve gotten the second one but my then college budget said NO WAY! So I used another small nesting table my Mom gave me, chalked painted and sealed it.


Yuri installed the ceiling fan and I decorated this room with lovely finds from consignment shoppes, Facebook Marketplace and Home Goods. Here’s the before and afters!






Both rooms gutted


In the first after photo, you can see the interior window. The sunroom is on the other side of that window and as you can see, it’s very unfinished. This will be our winter project. Since we live on the canal, one of the many benefits is free driftwood! I’ve collected a few nice pieces to use as art. The guest room received the first one but not before soaking it in bleach and water to ensure any critters were evacuated.  There are still a couple of tweaks to be done like possibly different chairs, lighter curtains, bamboo blinds and a different linen cabinet. The blue cabinet will be used for the guest bathroom beyond the french door once it is complete, but for now is being used for bedding storage in the guest room. Soooo now that we have a guest room…when you coming?


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  1. Hi Cuz,
    I must tell you the transformation you have made is simply beautiful and wonderful. You should be so proud. The one thing about doing thing in your time and your way is when it is finished it will truly reflect you and your household.
    Thanks so much for giving us a update, I loved all of it. Take good care, may God continue to abide in all that you do.
    Always Gloria

  2. Cuz, I am a little late with my comment, but AMAZING job!!! You have definitely gave me inspiration to do some things in my house, that I have been procrastinating (lol) about. Love you much!

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