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Hello there! Well, we have a lot of projects going on but none of them are 100% complete. We’ve been so busy trying to finish the basement rooms that I forgot, the girls rooms are done! Why not post them. Maybe because they’re girls. Messy is the order of every day. Especially that littlest one. She can turn a room into WWIII but when I tell her to clean it’s, “I’m tired” or “My muscle hurts”, but we managed to get it straightened out for you!

I posted Zolies’ room remodel a few months ago. Her room was the simplest to renovate. Mud, paint, wallpaper, plywood shiplap and done! Now my favorite part. Decorating! I do enjoy painting, scrubbing and tiling but I’d much rather be hanging art, making a perfectly tucked and fluffed bed, coordinating colors for a space or laying out furniture positions. Now, did I want to purchase the cutest pink tufted headboard from Pottery Barn and the ivory distressed dresser from Birch Lane? You know it!! But when you’re spending all your loot on paint, lumber and other building materials, something’s gotta give. Let’s talk furnishing on a budget!

I actually love to shop at thrift stores, flea markets, antique and consignment shops before Macklemore & Ryan. It’s all thanks to the guidance of my Mom and Aunt Debbie who can sniff out a thrift shore 10 miles away! I have actually gotten some “bomb” pieces from recycle shops that I know would easily be top dollar in a high end boutique. I look for the manufacturer if it’s on the furniture. Sometimes I got lucky and found the manufacturer and year it was made. Hand-me-downs, online resellers (Facebook Marketplace is my favorite) and upcycling are also awesome ways to get the look you want without punching holes in your wallet. I can’t begin to count how many upcycles I’ve done…so far! Here’s one of my latest. I was holding out for my Pottery Barn wicker chairs but my Mom sniffed these chairs out and snatched them up two for $10! Solid wood farmhouse style and very well made. I wanted some fun color at my dining table ends so a quick two coats of Agave chalk paint, distressing and polycrylic later, I got my pizzazz. I’ll catch you on the rebound PB!



Right now I’m working on three end tables for my living room and guestroom. I’ll showcase those next.

So here’s the progression of Zolies’ bedroom remodel:




I pretty much kept to my original light blue and coral color scheme. I love how it’s colorful but calm. The light blue helps create the serenity. I tied in the wall color to her upcycled nightstands. There are three upcycled pieces in her room: the nightstands, dresser and toy bench. All three together cost me $80. Here’s a before of the nightstands.

I think my favorite part of her room is the tv picture wall. I had so many ideas of what to do there from a shelf to framing the tv to look like a window. I saw this design on Pinterest and loved it! It’s much more simple than the other two ideas, especially when you already have the pictures! The only down side is the painted cord cover. I would’ve liked it to be totally hidden behind the wall but that would’ve meant opening it up. I didn’t want to add more work to the already hundred things we have happening so I can live with it.

Here’s a few of the “scores” I got to make this a beautiful room for a girlie girl.

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I’ll probably be replacing the dresser for one with a little more space as she grows. Maybe I’ll go ahead and splurge a little next time! Now if only we can get her to sleep in this lovely little dwelling all night. That’s what we get for co-sleeping!



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  1. Girl, it all looks fabulous. You can certainly see that everything was done with such love and thought. I am so happy for you because at the end of the day (remodeling) you will have the joy and satisfaction in knowing you did it yourself, your way. Also you are so talented (like your mother) the colors and are great and I am so proud of you for saving all of those great items that just needed a little love. Continue to enjoy your journey, I know it hasn`the always been easy but He has made it bearable and continues to help you push forward. Gods continued blessing to you. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Once again, thank you for sharing your Lovely Home and Ideas. What a pleasure to be able to peek in the windows of your Home and Talented Mine. Luv ya always Nana (AKA Dolores White Minor).

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