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Hello February and Congrats Eagles!! Another month closer to Spring just makes me wanna show my pearly whites! In these cold days nothing warms me up better than almost finishing our kitchen! We had our bright Ikea cabinets and appliances installed a while ago but we took our time getting the backsplash jewelry done. With so many projects to do, it got lost for a few weeks. I chose and ordered the tile months ago but they’ve been sitting in the basement waiting to break out that box to glisten. I looked at dozens of beautiful tiles in glass and ceramic. One can really get lost in the choices out there! A calming, coastal vibe is what I was looking for. I found it at Wayfair, ’cause you know, they got just what I need. I chose the Artigiano by Daltile, 3×12″ ceramic hand-glazed tile in Stone blue. These Spanish tiles have uneven surfaces and irregular edges giving it a rustic old-world look. Paired with the glossy blue, it gives the appearance of waves on the ocean. Bella!!!

Daltile beautiful

This tile will only be used under the hood and under the side cabinets. The rest of the backsplash will be white shiplap. Ah yes! the hood. We had to get our hood custom built because of the unique angled wall above our range. Metal framing was used to build the skeleton and container for the hood insert. It was then surrounded by plywood for something the shiplap can grab onto.

Plywood over metal framing
Insert ready to shiplap

The shiplap we used was the real shiplap and not the plywood planks like we installed in Zolies room. I wanted to use the Hardiplank cement siding because of it’s fire retention and also since its cement, it wont do that swell/shrink thing during winter and summer months. But hubby was adamant about using wood to match the pre-existing shiplap. Hubby won. I’ll give him one now and then….hehe! So after the naked shiplap and trim went up, I sanded, primed, sanded, primed, painted and painted again just to make that baby solid! Only after the painting I thought, maaaybe I should’ve used an exterior paint on the hood since the steam from cooking will touch the hood. Eh…if any problems start, I’ll repaint with an exterior paint. It really turned out nice and functions like it should. The only gripe I have is the actual insert. It only has a high and low setting. The low is really low and the high is really high. Wish there was a happy medium.

Paint ready
Snow white

Next we laid out our beachy spanish tiles. Yuri made the cuts and I laid them out. They were pretty easy to cut and apply as the beauty of the tiles is in their imperfections. No two tiles were alike. We started Saturday morning right after breakfast, still in pj’s and were done my mid afternoon. Just in time to head to a party later that night! Grouting would wait until after the next step, shiplap.

Marley wannabe cutting tiles
In my zebra pj’s laying tiles

Yuri and I measured out and purchased a couple pieces of 16 ft. long shiplap. We already had a few pieces donated from a family friend. Only thing was, they were painted black. I’ll had to use some good primer for that! Yuri cut and secured the shiplap to the wall in just under 2 hours. It’s like fitting two puzzle pieces together, with nails. Then came my job of filling nail holes with wood filler, sanding, priming and painting (2x’s each). I also had to do some paint touch-ups and silicone along small gaps between the countertop and the backsplash.

Shiplap up and ready for paint

Finally, I got to grout between the tiles. Thank goodness I had some leftover from our mudroom floor. It’s a light grey color so it coordinates beautifully with the tiles and white shiplap. Grouting is such a messy job, but so satisfying to know it’s DONE! No worries, the grout already had sealer mixed in so no sealing separately needed.

Grouting fun

I’m not too excited about the edges of the tile under the hood, where the shiplap meets the tile. I think I’ll try to find a tiny tile to edge it there. Other than that, it’s just what I envisioned! The next step is to install some shelving on the sides of the hood. We decided to go with the industrial look of galvanized piping. They were relatively inexpensive. We needed 8 pipes, 8 flanges and 8 caps. I lightly sanded then sprayed them with satin black paint, twice. Then Yuri assembled and began to install them where we were placing our open shelves. Here’s a sneak preview of the installation of our shelves.

Shelving going up

Did you see it? Yup, we also put in our pot filler faucet. We loved the pipe shelving so much that we also added some on another wall of the kitchen and they look Great! Nope, I’m not showing you yet! One more project to complete in the kitchen and then I’ll show her off. Right now we’re working on our mudroom/laundry room/back entrance. Big changes in that room!

Stay tuned!

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