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No Pepto Here! Zolies Bedroom Renovation

I gave you a view into my teens nature room, now we’ll take a look at what we did for our youngest Zolies room. I think her room had the least to do cosmetically. The walls were in so so shape ( a lot of dents which meant a lot of mudding) and there were already nice bamboo floors down. My initial idea for this room was to shiplap the whole dern thing to hide the rough walls, but then I thought that would just be overkill. So I decided to strap up my boots and patch all the walls except for one which will be shiplapped. Had to get one in!

Cute but not cute enough

I came up with her color scheme while I was in the shower. The best thoughts happen there. As I was getting my sqeakies clean, I noticed my loofah and my daughter Ina’s loofa hanging there on the wall. Eureka!! Light blue and coral. Very pretty and girlie without the Pepto Bismolness. Light blue would be the wall color for a calming effect. Lets see if it works for my high energy 5 year old. The primary accent color is coral with a little grey and maybe yellow and pink sprinkled in.

I started with muddling all the holes and uneven areas of the walls. It took about 4 applications to get it into a smooth state. Along the window wall used to be a baseboard radiator. When they took it out, it left large gouges in the wall so it took some time to smooth that part out. Next, Mom again helped me tackle my painting nemesis, the ceiling. We sanded out the popcorn looking parts until smooth then she rolled away! After the ceiling, the walls were painted with SW Swimming. Such a bright and cool color. While I painted the future shiplap wall white, Dad came and rolled on the blue.

Drywall Disaster


Mudding it up!


Dad gettin’ it done

Time for shiplap! Fake shiplap that is. There are oodles of how to shiplap tutorials and videos on Youtube and I just about looked at all of them. One that I kinda piggybacked from was Making Joy & Pretty Things. So, we started with measuring out how much plywood we would need for the wall. Five pieces of underlayment plywood ripped down into 6 inch boards was our desired choice. Yes, Lowes did all the cuts for us which was wonderful, but their machine made some rough cuts. I had to sand down the splintery edges on maybe 40 pieces. Uugh…what fun!!

Lowes Associate cuttin’ up
That’s no sugar wafer, it’s splinter hell!

After the sanding showdown, I gathered up a level for leveling, a nail gun for nailing, a pencil for marking, many nickles for spacing and an hombre named Yuri for working. We…no…Yuri decided not to use any glue on the boards because gluing can destroy the drywall if we ever decided to change the wall. Hopefully nailing will be enough to keep the boards from shifting. We shall see!

So it pretty much was an easy process to apply to the wall. Get the first row leveled and straight, nail it in, use nickels as spacer for the next row and repeat until you get to the end. Again, gluing is optional…hopefully. We started from the top and worked our way down because any board that had to be cut down and applied wouldn’t really be noticed too much as her bed and nightstand will go on this wall.

Man at Work

I then filled in all of the nail holes and any imperfections in the plywood. Also, I applied wood filler where two pieces of plywood meet to give the appearance of one continuous piece of shiplap. Two coats of paint, SW Snowbound, and voila!! We had some pieces of plywood left so I also fake shiplapped her sliding closet doors. Now with the doors I only glued the planks as nails wouldn’t work on hallow doors. Not worried about the doors if I ever want to change them. I have another set from the adjacent closet that’s getting turned into a kiddie office.

Filling all nail holes
Liquid Nails for closet door planks

The kiddie office. Since Zolie is now school aged, she gets an office like her big sister. I wallpapered the facing wall with a grey and white floral paper. It has a little shimmer to it for a fairy effect. Zolie loves it!

Innocence Aura 33′ x 20″ Floral and Botanical Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

All the trim and door was painted with SW Snowbound. We cleaned up the existing bamboo floor. About a week and a half of work, Zolie’s room is done!

Shiplap closet doors and kiddie office
Kiddie office with executive desk

On to decorating and sorting out the mound of toys in a gazillion boxes.

Up next, my favorite, bathroom remodel!


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