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A Teenage Room Renovation

Hey! I’ve returned from my adventure with switching web host. Lesson learned!! Back up my stuff!! Unfortunately, I lost my last post, but it’s ok, I’ll do a little refresher. Last time on Casapalooza, we were going through our deck renovation. The guys demoed all the railings, old decking boards and any bad plywood on the roof of the sunroom (which is the deck). Here’s some befores showing our horrendous deck and railings:


..aaand the deck demo:

…aaand where we are now:

More railing to come
Narrow stairs gone. All I want is the view!
Stairs rebuilt and relocated
Econodeck vinyl “decking”

They still have a few more touches to complete. Hopefully soon!

Ok, so while the deck is getting a facelift, Yuri and I are busy inside facelifting the girls bedrooms and bathroom. The first room we tackled was my oldest Ina’s room. The days of pink butterfly’s and sparkly unicorns are over for this teen. To prevent myself from giving her a Pepto Bismol room, Ina and I sat down and discussed how she would like her room. She came up with the color scheme of plum, green and grey. She wanted the colors to have an earthy feel, not “kiddie”. We decided to wallpaper the top half and paint the bottom shiplapped half.

Ina chose her wallpaper, again my earthy girl wanted something nature inspired. After looking at tons of wallpapers to make your head spin, she came up with one that I must say is a hit! She also insisted that the shiplap not be white. She knows me too well. So we came up with a light grey, SW Repose. It really is a perfect grey! The green would tied into her headboards and the plum and some green will be sprinkled around as an accent color. She actually came up with a great combination of colors.

Colors she chose
Graham & Brown Innocence Wallpaper

Time to get to work! We started with drywalling the slanted wall from the nasty cork we demoed. Then I began preparing the top half walls for wallpapering. They had some 1980’s swirly plaster lined across the top. I wet it a little and it easily scraped off. Any large holes were handled with mud and then sanded, but not to perfection as the wallpaper is pretty thick and would disguise it. The ceiling also had it. I really didn’t want to scrape off the whole ceiling, so I just settled for sanding it down enough to where it’s not too noticeable after painting. Then Mom helped me roll on the ceiling paint.

Mom at Work
Hubby fixing missing shiplap.

Wallpaper was up next. I had Mom one day helping me and Dad the next day. Let’s just say, they had different approaches. I just listened and laughed as they trash talked each others wallpapering techniques but in the end it turned out beautifully! After I primed and then cut in the Repose grey into the shiplap (that was a job!), Dad helped me paint the planks.

Wallpaper up and painting in progress

Yuri trimmed out the ceiling, I painted them and all of the goo gobs of trim. Yuri also performed some electrical work and installed a usb outlet into Ina’s closet office. Sure he had to break open some finished walls that I had to patch and paint but it was all worth it! What’s a closet office without electricity for laptops and ipads, all schooling related…yeaha right.ย Last step was switching out the low grade laminate to bamboo flooring. Yuri and my Uncle Shing nailed these baby’s in and ooooh, so pretty!

Bottoms up!

In the end, Ina loves her remodeled room. Phase one, renovating, is over and done. Phase two, decorating, will be coming up next.





Hey! Good news! We finally closed down our ginormous storage in Pennsylvania and moved our belongings into our house! So yes, we had a move day…of our stuff, not us yet. We were so appreciative of our family and friends who came out to help with our move. As you know, the process of moving sucks but having good company makes it roll a lot smoother. Thanks guys!

We need the biggest one you got!
Garage sale in the making.
The moving crew chillin’ after their hard labor.

Next up, Zolies room. Now I can bring back in the pink butterflies and sparkly unicorns!

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  1. Cuz, I loved helping you move stuff in. I like to work, which is no surprise…lol; Your house is perfect, for you and your family. Hope you have many great years there, with awesome memories to go with it! If you need me in the future, for anything, I’m there. Love you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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