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Let There Be Water!!!

FIIIINALLY!!! We struck water! The happiness is overflowing because we didn’t know what hell we were going to do! Let me proudly say,  Allied Well Drilling of PA, MD and DE did an awesome job getting it right! They were quick and neat (as neat as well drilling could go). Our contact person, Andy, kept reassuring me that the previous drillers that dug and failed had errors in their methods. Allied does rotary mud drilling and is beneficial for grounds with a lot of clay, like ours. I was hearing him, but still very nervous.

Let me get spiritual on you guys and say even through the nervousness, I decided to only put positive thoughts and visions about water in my head. Everytime I took a shower, washed my hands, everytime it rained, I gave gratitude and thanks for that water. I envisioned myself washing the dishes in our home with water shooting out the faucet and Zolie splashing in the tub. I thought about water so much that I even had a dream with water shooting out like a geyser from my yard. I tell ya, my appreciation for water has really ballooned. We take it for granted because it comes so easy here for most of us. It is a definite truth…Water is Life!

Allied began drilling on a Tuesday. We were leaving for a short vacation on Wednesday. Cutting it really close! About four trucks were lined up with the big red drilling rig already in position in our yard. Andy proposed that they dig about 12 feet away from the old well. (Rewind: Even before we signed the contract with Allied, our Conwhacker kept trying to find a cheaper solution. I’m all for least expensive, but he wanted to keep trying to refurbish the old well even though the last drillers there and the Hydrologist recommended and hinted that a new well needed to be dug. He wanted to get a guy out to run the sandy, dirty water out of the old well for a few days to see if it cleared up for a couple hundred dollars. Needless to say, the guy never returned any calls. That tells me he didn’t want to do it. In order for us to get this new well drilled through Allied, Yuri and I had to come up with the funds to pay them first then the bank refunds the money…203k rules. Our Conwhacker didn’t want to fund it as he’s done most of our other projects because he didn’t want to be responsible if Allied couldn’t strike water. To the tune of $11,000, that was no small feat but it had to be done!)  So, three days later and 220 ft. down, we got our water. One day of drilling, one day of finishing and one day of connecting to the house and cleanup. One of the driller contractors showed me our new water in a bottle. It was very clean and clear! He was sending a sample out for water testing.

The big red rig and other stuff.


That white pipe is our well. I was waiting for oil to come out like the Beverly Hillbilly’s.

So now we have running water in our house!! YAY!! Yuri is so excited that everytime we go over to the house to cut the grass or do some kind of outdoor maintenance, he disappears and I always find him holding the water hose washing something off. Since we now have our liquid diamonds, I can now begin really fixing the yard.

Never been so ready to want to do dishes!


Nice flow!

We planted some Golden Globe arborvitae bushes in the rear. I love their bright green color! They will pretty much stay small as they grow to about 3 or 4 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide. We will be planning to put a wood or paver border around the current mulched spot later. I think they look great and will look prettier with colorful flowers around them.




Now for the last 3 days, we’ve been having some visitors digging in the mulch. Yuri and I will go to water the plants everyday and everyday we’re fixing soil and mulch. I’m thinking either its our stray cat that comes around now and again, or the butt chunky groundhog spotted near the shed or maybe the cute rabbits that I try not to mow over. Who ever it is, he/she has been having a good ole’ time! Thank goodness we’re planning to replace the mulch with rocks later.

Critters having a diggin’ good time.

There are also a lot of other holes and dents in the yard which need to filled and leveled with top soil. Especially where the drillers were.

So, now that we have water  you may be asking, “When are you guys moving in?” After our Conwhacker finishes the punchlist (fixing of missed or poorly done repairs) and all permits must be closed. In our case electric, HVAC and plumbing. Electric and HVAC passed and closed. Now we wait for the plumbing.

Let me say at this time, we are looking into remedying some questionable activities handled by a few people in this 203k renovation saga. Just for the fact this renovation was supposed to be completed in March and here it is now going into July is questionable enough. We just want everything to go our way in the end and move on with our Triangle House. Nevertheless, everyday is one day closer to taking over our house!!


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