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Moving Along…

Dropping in for a few updates on the Triangle House. Although I keep telling myself, “It’s about the journey…It’s about the journey!!” I sure can’t wait until that final destination where we’re actually living in our home. But, every little improvement (done correctly) makes me happy and motivates me to get down with the DIY!

First, a sofa restoration in the making. Yuri and I have a sofa which was so kindly gifted to us. It has great bones and made exceptionally well, but the fabric color is not our taste. It just won’t fit the beachy farmhouse mid century style we have going on (crazy mix).

Pretty in Pink

So I knew I wanted to get it recovered by our family upholsterer…Mr. Craig. He’s upholstered a good amount of furniture of my Mom and Aunts. Awesome work! I wouldn’t think of going to anyone else. My mom and I went down to the fabric store to pick out the grey color I was looking for. After about an hour or so looking for that perfect cloth, found it!

New skin

Looks like a tweed and very soft. Yuri and I delivered the sofa and fabric to Mr. Craig a few weeks ago. Obviously we are in no big rush to get it back. We’re also going to change the backing a bit using buttons instead of the vertical creases. After we get it back, I’ll be changing the legs to something a bit more mid century. I will surely post the after when it’s completed. I can’t wait!!!!

Ok, now on to house updates. FINALLY, after waiting for the permits and the ground to harden up after that lovely ice/snow storm, the well drillers are digging for oil. Wouldn’t it be cool if that happened? We’d ┬ábe like the Beverly Hillbilly’s up in here! Boy, is that thing huge and apparently heavy as the tires are digging into my beautiful lawn.

Soil samples

More yard work! Every 20 ft. they take out a soil sample. Hopefully after the diggers hit their 300 ft. mark and hook up the pump to the house, the plumber will come back to finish his job….correctly! We need water! Especially when you’re trying to tile a shower. Which brings me to the next update…our shower.

SO…our Contractor was supposed to sub out the guy who tiled our shower to come back and build a low threshold. Something that should’ve been thought out and done before the tile went down, but you know what I’m working with (sigh). Instead he attempts to do it. It was not a threshold, actually I don’t know what the hell it was. Too bad I don’t have a pic. After I laid him out for the ridiculousness, he says he doesn’t feel comfortable building any kind of wall now that the tile is down. Don’t have to tell me twice! I call a guy that was referred to me as being really good at his craft. Well needless to say, he got it done!

Ponywall up!

Almost done. He still has to come back to grout in the bullnose and parts of the ponywall. I think I’m gonna have him redo the recessed shampoo holder also. The tiles are a bit unleveled, enough for me to notice.

On to the kitchen. Yay! The countertops are in! The back ones anyway. The peninsula top will be butcher block. The ones installed are quartz but look like concrete. The installers were quick. It only took them about 25 minutes to install. They look great!

Getting installed

Happy dance! While I’m still hopped up on countertop glee, I went out today shopping for tiles we’ll be installing behind the stove. How do you choose among hundreds of beautiful tiles!! I did eventually narrow my likes down to 3 for this store :-). Which one do you like?

Three pretty pricey ones but being that I only need about 6 square feet, a little splurge won’t hurt. Ok, we’re rolling. We want to get the kitchen and master areas completed maybe %80 before we move in, which is very soon. More details to come!

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  1. I wish your Grandmom Betty was able to share her knowledge of remodeling with you, I can hear her boosting about the work her granddaughter was doing on her House?. Keep up the good work. I love you.

  2. I love what you’ve done. On the back splash I like the one at the top of the picture. You two are going to have a beautiful home.

  3. Everything looks fantastic, Cousin!!! Your sense of humor is great. Looking forward to more updates! Take care. Love you.

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