Pre-teen Dresser Makeover

Over the Spring/Summer, even before we had the keys to the Triangle House in our hands, I was planning! Planning what our house would look like, planning the room layouts and what neat diy’s were going to be attempted. Along with the planning, I was also buying. Ok, so I know it’s probably not the best idea to start buying furniture for a house you don’t even have yet, BUUUUUT…my gut knew it was ours, so I took the leap!  Hence the dressers and nightstands purchased for the girls’ rooms. No, I didn’t go to Ethan Allen or West Elm, but instead Craigslist and Offerup. I figured two things:

  1. The girls need new dressers anyway with whatever house we purchased and
  2. They were cheap enough buys that if something went terribly wrong I wouldn’t have too much regret.

So, they became my diy projects! I didn’t have, at the time, the idea to start a blog, so excuse my lack of images to offer in before and afters. This dresser, for my oldest girl Ina, was picked up from Craigslist for a whopping $60! Pretty much perfect condition. I try to make sure I’m only purchasing solid wood furniture that way I know this is going to be a piece of quality and long lasting.

I LOVED the detail in the top side drawers and the bottom. Very heavy and made of solid Mediterranean Oak. Not cheap stuff! Checking out the inside, I saw these labels which were reassuring….

Also the company it was made is well established and many of their pieces are considered antique (over 100 years). Link Taylor was one of four divested brand names under the Dixie Furniture Company, and the Link Taylor brand division manufactured fine solid wood furnishings for the dining room and bedroom. The other brand names simultaneously sold under the Dixie Furniture Company were Young Hinkle, Henry Link and Dixie. Since its beginnings in 1901, the company has had many mergers, name changes and buyouts, although the Link Taylor name was no longer associated with the company.

Since this dresser was purchased for a pre-teen, I knew she wouldn’t like the natural brownness, so enter chalk paint. I’m not opposed to painted wood furniture, but you have to know when you should and shouldn’t paint. If this dresser was for our guest room, I would’ve kept it just as is with a nice Orange Oil shine but for a pre-teen, no. Ina wants her room to be grey, purple and white. We decided to go with a grey dresser and nightstand with purple accents. I decided to use Rust-Oleum Specialty 30oz. Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Aged Grey. I read two negative reviews of this chalk paint and in both cases the people didn’t let the paint cure (7 to 10 days) before using or not following the correct directions on when to distress.

This was my first time using chalk paint. Unlike latex paint, it is not necessary to sand before applying but I did a light sand anyway for extra measure. A little of this stuff also goes a long way. After applying two coats, I lightly distressed the edges with 200 grit sandpaper then applied a top-coat of Rustoleum 30 oz. Ultra Matte Interior Chalked, Topcoat Clear as I was advised to do from a blog tutorial I read. Well, I don’t know what this lady was thinking but that damn top-coat DEEESTROYED my project! Turn the whole darn thing yellow! I was pissed to say the least. So, I sanded the dresser down once again, applied a coat of chalk paint again and this time I used Varathane Clear Gloss Water-based Interior Poly. SUCCESS! No yellowing with a slight shine. I gave two reviews that day, one with loathing and one with gloating. The Varathane came out perfectly clear and will be my go to for now on. It is a little pricier than most polys but you get a nice protective coat without the yellowing.

I then purchased some cute vintage looking purple butterfly pulls in silver from Etsy that Ina picked for the top rows and nice silver pulls for the bottoms.

After about a week of painting with a bit of trial and error, she really liked the end result…so did I!

Like I said, when I began doing furniture makeovers I wasn’t blogging, so excuse the lack of close ups. Not to mention my car and myself in the shot before lugging it to our storage.

I really liked working with chalk paint! I plan on painting her twin bed headboards with the same grey paint. After purchasing her nightstand from Facebook marketplace, I’m having second thoughts about it. Again, no regrets as it only cost me $30. Next time, I’ll show my youngest childs’ dresser and nightstand I refurbished.








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  1. I love the dresser. The carving on it and the hardware you chose make it look so feminine. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing it in Ina’s room with her chosen colors.

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