50 Shades of Grey

Hi! Dropping in to vent about my color problems. No, I like my brown skin just fine, it’s my wall colors. Well for starters I am a very indecisive person. It takes me a while to reach the perfect decision…lol…I laugh at that notion! But seriously, you gotta love the colors you choose for your walls. I know they can be changed, but not really interested in  repainting when I don’t have to. Our great room has very high ceilings, so I REALLY don’t want to get up on scaffolding at pee your pants height to do any painting!

So, there are four rooms our Contractor is commissioned to paint: the kitchen, great room, master bedroom and master bathroom. The rest is on us…the way I like it! Truth be told, I trust no one’s painting but my own, my Mom and my Brothers’…that’s it! Even hubby gets the boot.

The style our house is going to be a mix of beachy farmhouse with a splash of mid century. Nice and mixed up! Light and airy is the feel we’re going for but not too sterile. Something on the lines of these:


Bakes & Kropp - Tribeca Terrace industrial-kitchen


Homes Portfolio midcentury-living-room


[project] lake wisconsin beach-style


West Bay beach-style-living-room


West Bay beach-style-living-room


Peerty! So after looking at dozens of swatches, Pinteresting, Googling and Houzzing hundreds of photos with the colors I fancied, the list went from 7 candidates to 2. We went from these:

To the final two:


Very light and fresh colors. I can’t wait to see SW Sea Salt on my master walls! It seems to be a pretty popular one with Sherwin Williams.


Private Residence traditional-bedroom


Artist's Home shabby-chic-style-bedroom


SW Passive seems like the perfect shade of grey for our home. I did look at 50 of them…Haha! I was gonna go with Nebulous White, but it almost sets off a blue color in the light and I wanted to stick with grey. Passive is light enough to keep the airy feel and dark enough to step out of the sterile whiteness. I like it so much, I’ve decided to slap it on the master bath also.


Transitional Home by Trend Interior Design transitional-family-room


Whitestone Builders - Arlington Historic transitional-living-room


2nd Story addition/Total renovation traditional-bathroom


Street of Dreams 2014 traditional-bathroom


Now, only 7 more rooms to decide…Ugh! More updates to come!


*Disclaimer – I know I say “I” a lot when there are two adults living in the house. Yuri lets me pretty much make all of the design decisions for the house. I’ll give him free reign on the man cave and shed…..a little bit :-).




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