Triangle House

Green Thumb Anyone?

You know, before we received those precious keys in our hands, I had a vision of what I wanted my house to look like from head to toe, inside and out. I looked past the mold, the odd layout in the master bath, the ragged deck that should have a roll of caution tape around it and I also looked past the overgrown, poison ivy infested, jungle of a yard. I envisioned a beautiful green masterpiece that is magazine worthy. Can I obtain that? Of course, but the work that has to go into it…WHOOOO Doggy!! My husband is terribly allergic to the poison plants, so I took on the role of Poison Ivy Destroyer. Don’t let the serene tree lined driveway fool you, those trees are infested and neglected.

Looong mess driveway


Cut limbs and sprayed to kill…..poison ivy


Here are some other pics of overgrown, half dead foliage.


Hostile Hostas


“The Pine Who Came Between Them”


Looks like a whale…no, a plucked chicken on the ground. What do you see?


The work that has to be done is pretty immense, but I’m like the little engine that could…I think I can! Little by little grass is getting tamed, dead, diseased or unwanted foliage is getting the axe, shovel or loppers and I learned how to evict unwanted bag worms from my beautiful big bushes. Bag Worms? Yeaha, I had no clue what they were either. They’re really not worms, but little caterpillars who love to live their little lives on arborvitae and pine trees, mating and eating away in their cozy cocoon houses.

Bag worm cacoon
Bag worm cocoon


Well, can’t have them killing my pines and arborvitae bushes, so again I become The Destroyer…of bagworms. After researching what to do about getting rid of them, I had to resort to picking them off the bushes (with gloves of course) and throwing them in soapy water. I know, I’m a murderer. Prayers were said. Spraying pesticides is not recommended until Spring when the babies pop out because now the cocoons are so air tight the chemical may not even harm them.

Soapy grave
Soapy grave


On to happier thoughts. While Yuri was cutting the grass, he stops and calls me over, interrupting my bagworm party. I look down at the ground and what do I see??

Cutest Ever!!!
Cutest Ever!!!


Yuri helped me pick her up. I thought she was injured or something cause she let us touch her. About 10 steps in she realized being high off the ground wasn’t her thing so she jumped down and ran under the shed. There were 2 other little ones, siblings I guess. I’m still concerned about where Momma is. I know we have fox and snakes around. Be safe little bunnies!!

Tomorrow is one more day closer to my HGTV pimp my yard dream. More backyard stories to come!



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  1. The drive through the trees will be beautiful when you and Yuri are done….oops will never be done with landscaping I’m sure. Be careful with the poison ivy. Dad and I thought we were protected with long sleeves and work gloves. Nope. Rash started on our wrists and waists (from bathroom breaks) Eventually had to seek medical as we has more then one kind of rash… safe up there.

    1. Yuri found out the hard way with the rashes he acquired, even with the long sleeves. I’m not as allergic. I get the bumps but no itching. I’ve almost got it all out. My Uncle has been helping us because he has NO reaction to it…lucky! It’s all gettin’ there!

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