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I am not a cheap person…I swear! I would say I’m frugal with taste. Therefore Craigslist, Ebay and Offerup are my go to online resale shops. Finding a great deal on quality items is a huge score! Well, I found the exact tiles I wanted to put down in the girls bathroom on Offerup. Let me inject that I am not being paid for any kind of praise I give to online selling sites. This is all of my own opinion and my opinion of is GREAT! I think I like it more than Craigslist now. Anyway, the tiles. I got a deal for 35 sq. ft. of tile (enough to cover their floor area) for $25! If I would’ve purchased them from Lowes or HD they would’ve cost me $7.09 sq. ft. or $64.56 for a pack of 10.

Score #1
Score #1

Isn’t it just a pretty, classic little floor! Can’t wait until it goes on. I’m also thinking about putting a border around it.

Angelwylde House


Next, I ran across a boat load of my one of my favorites, subway tiles…Yay!!! A guy was selling 6 boxes of 100 2’x6′ tiles for $85 AND he was also throwing in a one gallon bucket of adhesive. On Offerup, when you see an item you like, you get to make a bid. Needless to say I got the tiles, all 600 and adhesive for $60. Score!!

Score #2
Score #2

My plan for these subway tiles is for the bath/shower combo walls. All the way up on 3 walls.

Washington Street - 2
Photo by Sutro Architects – Browse contemporary bathroom photos

The girls are still deciding on their accent color(s). It’s going to be a light yellow with grey or light yellow with sea green. We still have a little time to decide. Anyway, let me see what new items I can wheel and deal with!

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