Triangle House

Fresh Keys!!

How I love the smell of a fresh house key, if there were ever a smell! Told ya that view is killer! As soon as my husband Yuri and I signed our life away, emptied our bank account and more, we ran to the “Triangle House”, as my 4 year old calls it, to open all the windows and think about our plan of action.

Bless this mess! Triangle house
Bless this mess! Triangle house


The mold and mildew in the basement accumulated over the Summer like crazy! Let me mention, we first laid eyes on this 1970’s beauty in September of 2015 and signed the contract in November 2015. Yes, it took that long to purchase! That’s another post. Anywho, the next day we came in with a plan. Clean out crap in garage and basement from previous owners. Not into judging others but what the hells?! Just a hot mess. This is what “AS IS” is all about.



Almost after

Next day, my mold mission was on! Armed with mask, plastic hair cap, thick gloves and dressed like it was November (not pretty), I began bleaching the beams, ceiling and walls in the basement. I had to get over my arachnophobia really quick as every inch of the ceiling was covered with webs and those long legged wispy spiders. Most dead than alive. Still YUCK! Some even mummified by the webs resembling spider ghosts.

Spider Ghost
Spider Ghost


While battling spider ghosts and mold, Yuri began demolition on the sheds. These babies have to get flipped pretty quick because our contractors will be coming next week to paint the house and the sheds. We’ll talk about paint colors soon. One is the size of a tiny house 10×16 and the other is a cute place to store bikes and garden tools, 8×8. I thought we should demo the small one but hubby says no way! Demo is like going on a treasure hunt. Sometimes you get awesome finds and sometimes you find the weirdest things…like bones. Yup, bones. Pet cemetery bones. Something crawled under the shed and gasped it’s last.

Pet cemetery

Now on to putting the bones back together, the shed bones not the animal. Got us some pressure treated wood to put her back together. That’s for tomorrow! Today, I met up with my contractor and picked out the roofing and paint colors!! Exciting stuff!! Roofers are coming on Friday. Although the yellow gave the house a cutesy cottage feel, we’re going for more of a modern cottage. So without further adooooooo…..

SW Bunglehouse Blue


Virginia Slate

I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It took us forever to pick a color we both agreed on. Hopefully I won’t be going back to the paint store because of a misfire.

Sample color on a house


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