Heart of the Home: Kitchen Renovation

Hello all! Summer is in full global warming effect and it’s HOT!!! Yard work is not too much fun in the sun these days. So today I’m going to rewind back to the colder winter season of 2018 when we put our foot in the kitchen remodel. I refrained from writing a blog on the […]

Family Room Renovation

Happy April! Spring is here and I am sooo ready for the warm-up! One good thing about the cold season is, it lets us dedicate our time to indoor projects without being interrupted with grass cutting and yard work. Another one of our projects that we completed (95%) of is the family room, basement area. […]

Be Our Guest

Hello there! Just a little update on what’s been shakin’ at the Triangle House. I would REALLY love to tell you all the things happening but since we’re currently litigating I’ve gotta be wise about what goes in the blog. After the storm I’ll fill you in on the happenings! Let’s just say we are […]

Decor on a Budget

Hello there! Well, we have a lot of projects going on but none of them are 100% complete. We’ve been so busy trying to finish the basement rooms that I forgot, the girls rooms are done! Why not post them. Maybe because they’re girls. Messy is the order of every day. Especially that littlest one. […]

Stairway Remodel

Hello there! Where’ve you been? Well, the last 2.5 months, we have been swamped in insurance claims. That nasty March Nor’easter uprooted 14 huge pine trees, damaging our fence, roof shingles and fascia. Fiiiiiiiinally, we are almost done. The almost is the 12 tree stumps we have left to grind. Getting tree work done is […]

Mudroom Miracle

HAPPY SPRING!! Great to see ya, even though a nice little Nor’easter battled with us over the past weeks. Out like a lion and in like a lamb. Speaking of lions, our mudroom roared like one with crazed intensity. When Yuri and I first saw the inside of our home, I had no idea what […]


Hello February and Congrats Eagles!! Another month closer to Spring just makes me wanna show my pearly whites! In these cold days nothing warms me up better than almost finishing our kitchen! We had our bright Ikea cabinets and appliances installed a while ago but we took our time getting the backsplash jewelry done. With […]

Wood Work

Happy New Year to you all! Hope you’re staying warm in this fridgid weather here on the Eastern seaboard. I miss you Summer! Come back!!! Yuri and I have been working to finish our kitchen through the holidays. I’d say it’s 95% finished. Just a couple more touches and I’ll show you the completed project! […]

Moved in and workin’ hard!

So we’re finally living comfortably in our fixer upper! We’re pretty relieved and happy, but there’s still a slew of projects to be completed. We’ve given ourselves a punch list of renovations to do and we’re gettin’ r done! It gets a little hectic sometimes with juggling the kids, cooking in our almost finished kitchen, […]

Girls Bathroom Remodel

Hi ya’ll! It’s been a CRAZY life, but gooood! Moving in, boxes everywhere, construction still going on, it’s an adventure! One of the many good accomplishments that keeps me going is the completion of our girls bathroom remodel. I LOVE this room! It turned out exactly how I envisioned it. When we first saw our […]